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Meet The Team


Meet Katie

Katie is one of the owners of Rose Soiree, and has been working in the corporate real estate world for the last 5 years, but after the year we know as 2020 found herself wanting to break free from the 9-5 and creating something of her own. In 2020, Katie started Like She Owns the Place networking events for women in business which is where her passion for all things small business and creating her own businesses really took off. She is excited to bring a bit of creativity and brightness to the suburb of Bulimba and can’t wait to meet you soon.


Meet Charli

Charli is a Brisbane based artist specialising in Acrylic Paint and Sculpture focusing on Realism and Colour Theory. She started creating art because it allowed her to express how she was feeling without having to speak. For Charli,  it’s a form of therapy and is the centre of who she is. Some of her favourite artists include Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, Vincent van Gogh and Michelangelo (to name a few). She has been creating art for almost ten years and is inspired by nature, music, emotion and culture.


Meet Lara

Lara is a local creative and content producer whose areas of work and study over the years have comprised and intermingled film; art history; typography; graphics; and animation, to name a few. But no greater love will ever be found for her than that of oil painting. Inspired by the Renaissance greats and the legacy they forged, Lara aspires to combine their beauty and precision with the edginess, experimentalism, and statement-conscious thematics of modern emerging art. 


Meet Ben

Better known as Banjo Bonfire, Contemporary artist Benjamin Dutton merges urban details with visual iconography to produce murals, illustrations, paintings and apparel. His combination of fashion brand consumerism meeting nostalgia has allowed his practice to span across publication, wall murals, exhibitions, workshops, events and commissioned artwork.

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