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Choose your own creative adventure!

Talented hosts, we offer an array of creative events available to pop up at your home, Airbnb, favourite venue, or even your work office!

Our private and corporate event services cater for any location, group size or age - so if you're ready to create an event experience like no other, it's time to get this Rosé on the road!

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Decide on Your Location

We travel up and down the SEQ coast and have lots of experience setting up in new venues, offices and homes.  We also have a number of partner venues that we have already worked with if you'd like to get out!

So, where would you hold your event?​

Step 3: Book Your Session!

Ready to book your private pop-up with Rosé on The Road? Excellent!

While our private events are most affordable in groups larger than 13, we happily cater to any number, including small groups.  Prices start at $40 per person for groups over 25, dependent on the chosen activity.

The cost covers everything needed to run the class, including use of kit, supplies, and your host.

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