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What to Wear to a Paint and Sip

Are you about to go to your first paint and sip event but have no idea what to wear? Well, we’ve all been there. Making this decision can be a headache, but there’s no need to worry! These simple tips, you will help you find the right outfit for your next paint and sip party.

Avoid Wearing White

We all know what paint and sip events are about – painting, drinking and laughing with great friends and good wine. That's right, paint and sip events can get messy and paint can end up on your clothes. So, our hot tip, steer clear of light colours, especially white.

Keep it Casual

This type of party is not supposed to be glamorous or uptight – it’s supposed to be fun. Don't overthink your outfit - try to keep things casual. Grab your favourite pair of jeans and comfy shoes, and relax the night away in the comfort of one of our paint and sip events.

Wear Something Comfortable

Comfort and confidence are the keys to everything! So, wear something comfortable and cozy. You will seem more confident and happier in pieces that allowing you to breathe and move freely.

If you are planning on coming to one of upcoming Brisbane Paint and Sip events, these tips will help ensure you get the most out of your night.

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