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What is a Paint and Sip?

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

What is a Paint and Sip?

A Paint and Sip is a fun social event for people of all ages. Sessions generally run for 2-3 hours during which attendees paint the chosen art piece, step by step, guided by the art instructor hosting the class Our Paint and Sip venue is BYO, allowing you to bring along not only your best friends but your favourite bottle to share during the class.

Do I need to be an experienced artist to do a Paint and Sip?

Most certainly not. One of the best parts of a Paint and Sip is that you do not need to have any experience, or previous skills from painting lessons before attending an event. Your Artists will not only guide you step by step through creating your masterpiece but will also use their skills to help salvage your painting if you are concerned with a stroke gone wrong. You will surprise yourself with how creative you truly are and what you will learn from attending a paint and sip.

How does a Paint and Sip work?

Upon arrival at the Paint and Sip, your artists will introduce themselves and check you into the class. Once seated, you will be given everything you need that is required to complete your masterpiece. If you have booked a ticket to an event then you will also have the opportunity to mingle with new people, alternatively, we offer private bookings so you can book the entire venue for events such as birthday parties.

Why do a Paint and Sip?

Paint and Sips are a great social event to organise with friends, families, and are even as team-building exercises for your workplace. The informal setting of a Paint and Sip allows attendees to release their creative side in a non-judgemental setting. An experience that creates positive lasting memories, with your amazing piece of art ready to be hung on your wall at home at the completion of the class.

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