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There’s a new Christmas Tradition in Town

Well, it's inevitable – the Christmas holidays are just around the corner.

And if we're honest, the silly season is the biggest by far.

We go out more, have more Sunday sessions & even eat & drink more, but it seems like every summer holiday, we do the same old thing.

So, why not make this Christmas one to remember - & not because that one crazy workmate made a fool of himself at the Christmas party. At Rosé Soirée we think this is the year to say hello to a new Christmas tradition.

While we love cherishing the old tradition, starting a new tradition has a certain ring to it.

A paint & sip class might be one of the newest Christmas activities to hit this summer & you best believe it will bring out your holiday spirit and create a every lasting holiday memory (and one you can remember).

A sip and paint Brisbane Christmas event can be organized with ease.

We'll sort out the fun & all you have to do is bring your Christmas spirit, invite your closest friends & family, & enjoy spending this holiday a bit differently.

Trust us, you will have just as much fun, if not more!

Contact us today & leave the rest up to us!

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