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The work Christmas party that won’t be forgotten . . .for the right reasons

A work Christmas party is an event that more and more companies are organizing for their employees. This celebration is a wonderful way for people who usually spend a lot of time at work to get to know each other better and enjoy spending time together in a completely different atmosphere.

However, those who are in charge of organizing a work Christmas party definitely know how hard this task can be. But, if you are looking for a different and fun way to spend this year’s work Christmas party, we have just the perfect idea for you – a sip and painting event.

If you are located in Brisbane, you can host a sip and paint Brisbane party very easily. It doesn’t matter if your co-workers have never painted before, as our talented artists are there to point you in the right direction and show you all the different brush techniques.

You can leave the whole organization to us, as your only job will be to set the date and choose the party theme!

We are currently located in the suburb of Bulimba, on Oxford Street, and you are free to pay us a visit any time and get more info about hosting an event like this one.

Let’s make your next work Christmas party unforgettable!

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