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The benefits of arts & craft classes for kids

Arts & crafts classes are the perfect way for children to express themselves and their creativity. Aimed at children aged 5-13, the curriculum and program of our Rosé Soirée classes for kids are based on small groups, which allows us to pay attention to each attendee individually while getting to know their interests and monitoring their progress.

Our art classes in Brisbane are held at our Bulimba studio every Tuesday afternoon. In this 10-week workshop, the little ones will have the opportunity to learn the basics of drawing and painting in a way that is specially adapted for them.

We believe that Krafty Kids classes are a great way for kids to develop their imagination, creativity, and talent and to meet little friends along the way.

If you think that drawing is something your little one would enjoy arts & craft classes, or you want to awaken their artistic side, here are a few reasons why enrolling your little one into our Krafty Kids Holiday edition art school is a great idea:

  • All raw materials and equipment are already prepared and included in the price

  • The child will get to socialize with their peers in a fun and useful way

  • The kid will practice patience and concentration

  • Arts & craft classes are a great way for children to discover hidden talents and their passion

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll your child in one of three currently available Holiday courses, and let them explore their imagination and creativity!

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