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Our Favorite Rose's

With a modern, minimalist design and almost zero sugar, BDR is the dream drink for the health-conscious consumer.⁠

0.1% Sugar 🦴 100% Delicious

Bone Dry Rosé is the brainchild of Tommy Maclean and the team behind SOFI Spritz - collaborating with award-winning winemaker, Simon Gilbert and the one and only Daimon Downey on design.

Simon Gilbert’s unique blend of Franco-Italian Varietals (Petit Verdot, Cabernet Primitivo, Sangiovese and Merlot) are sourced from local Mudgee vines. Simon’s artistic and elegant Winemaking style has seen his clients receive over 60 trophies and 1,500 medals since 1984.

Available in 250ml Piccolo and 750ml Bottle at Dan Murphy's, Vintage Cellars and First Choice Liquors

We love an aesthetically pleasing brand & that is exactly what you get with Wine Not? The Brand. Supporting other Brisbane businesses is always a priority of ours.

The product stuff: Vegan friendly rosé! A delicious, crisp, dry rosé without the tang or that sickly sweet aftertaste. PERFECT on a hot summers day, to sip while doing chores, or to bring to a fancy adult dinner.

2019 Yarra Valley Vegan Friendly Rosé 12.5% alcohol 7.4 standard drinks TIP: Serve SUPER cold & let it breathe for a few mins for the best, softest, loveliest flavour

Another Brisbane local we love to support are our neighbours Revel Brewing who not only produces delicious beers but now have a limited edition Revel Rose.

The first-ever Revel Rose, which was naturally fermented at our Bulimba brewery! We've sourced single-vineyard Cabernet grapes from our good friends, Smidge Wines (McLaren Vale, Adelaide), which lend their vibrancy to this bright and refreshing Rose. Light in body with a bouquet of fresh fruit; this is a wine to be enjoyed on any occasion!

Last but not least is a new Rose to the market, Bondi Rose. They kindly partnered with us in March when we hosted our influencer event and this is a Rose you simply must try.

I am born where the land meets the ocean.

With the sky above and the sand below, this bottle contains everything in between.

Just chill, take a breath and swim between the vines.

Grown in Hunter Valley, our Rosé is dry with provincial style pale rhubarb hews and an oak tannin backbone.

Best serve chilled.

Price per bottle is $24.95, however minimum order quantity is two bottles.

Delivery is within Australia only.

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