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Meet the Artists - Lara Lola Brigdale-Hall

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Lara Lola Brigdale-Hall

Resident Artist and Host | Contemporary Painter

Lara Brigdale-Hall brings stylish creativity and contemporary edginess to her role as the longest working artist and host at the Rosé Soirée studio. Having graduated from Queensland College of the Arts in 2022, Lara is a local creative and content producer whose areas of work and study over the years have comprised and intermingled film, art history, silversmithing, typography, graphics, and animation, to name a few. But no greater love will be found for her than that of oil painting. Inspired by the Renaissance masters and the legacy they forged, Lara aspires to combine their beauty and precision with the edginess, experimentalism, and statement-conscious thematics of modern emerging art.

Most recently Lara has been collaborating with local musicians to create artworks as covers for their latest releases. While these are usually paid for in beers, Lara aspires to grow professionally and continue exhibiting in the local scene and beyond with more personal works. Her latest collection emerged from the over-observation and under-stimulation of the Covid period of 2021, ruminating with Dada-esque philosophy on the role of everyday objects as subject matter. How do we choose to observe them, and how are we too then observed in the same captivity? Lara’s recent works play on unexpected imagery, arranged in a stickerbook manner to curate a recording of the fleeting thoughts and visual stimulus of a day in time.

When she's not teaching at Rosé Soirée or painting from her home studio, you might find Lara restoring gravestones, photographing for local bands, or out enjoying the vibrant up-and-coming creative scene that Meanjin/Brisbane has to offer. She'll never have a nice manicure, but will certainly never be bored!

Instagram link: @laralolabh

Email contact:

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