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Meet the Artists - Jessie Eyles

Updated: Aug 24

Jessie Eyles

Artist + Educator || Realism || Post-Impressionism

“Guiding guest to transform blank canvases into personal masterpieces.”


Introducing Jessie Eyles, a familiar and friendly presence at Rosé Soirée. She's a self-taught painter who skilfully captures the very essence of life using strokes inspired by realism and post-Impressionism. Jessie's artistic explorations traverse a wide spectrum of mediums, including Oils, Charcoal, and Gouache.

Raised in the coastal communities of Northern Australia, Jessie now calls Brisbane home. Amid her creative endeavours, you'll often find her delighting in nature's wonders during hikes and bushwalks, capturing the serene beauty through the lens of her camera. With an appreciation for a range of art forms, Jessie also enjoys attending gigs within the local music scene.


Jessie’s artwork has found a place of recognition within local galleries, where her pieces have been warmly embraced by the community. Notably, in 2018, Jessie poured her creativity into a captivating design for Ferny Grove High School's Kokoda shirts, showcasing her ability to extend her artistic vision beyond traditional mediums.

Art Philosophy

Jessie’s unique flare, distinct art style and aptitude for channelling her artistic enthusiasm into our Paint and Sip events, creates an immensely enjoyable experience for our guests as she expertly guides each gathering. She takes a warm and encouraging approach, empowering guests from all walks of life to unlock their inner artists, helping them to transform blank canvases into personal masterpieces.

Artist Statement

Fuelled by a love of capturing fleeting moments in time, Jessie transforms her travel snapshots into artworks that breathe with the same vitality as the memories that inspired them, inviting viewers to relive and connect with the emotions and experiences of those captured moments.

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