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Meet the Artists - Chris Corish

Updated: Aug 24

Chris Corish

Artist + Tutor || Contemporary Cubism || Digital Art

Colourful self-expression


Hailing from Wales, Chris is a highly accomplished Visual Artist with a thriving international career that began in 2013. Over the years, he has expanded his artistic practice and has collaborated with renowned organisations such as the Arts Council of Wales and Welsh government heritage departments. Chris's academic journey includes studying Fine Arts at Aberystwyth University in Wales and Museum Studies at the University of Leeds in England, providing him with a diverse background and extensive experience in the cultural and heritage sector. When he’s not painting, Chris works in all sorts of roles, and has a passion for heritage and leads Ghost tours elsewhere in Brisbane city.


Chris's artistic exploration centres around the fascinating relationship between colours and shapes, drawing inspiration from modern and postmodern visual art. His versatile talents have led to numerous exhibitions in prestigious galleries across Wales, England, and Australia. Among his achievements are five captivating solo shows, with two upcoming solos scheduled for Wales and Scotland in 2023 and 2024, respectively. Additionally, Chris has participated in a myriad of exhibitions, events, and showcases, including displaying his art at esteemed venues like The Liver Building in Liverpool, St Fagan's (National Museum of Wales), and the Senedd in Cardiff (The Welsh Government Parliament Buildings). In 2021, Chris showcased his creative prowess by leading the creation of a monumental 12ft by 8ft mural in Mid Wales, with the support of community volunteers, and it was unveiled by Jane Dodd, a prominent politician and leader of the Welsh Liberal party. Furthering his recognition in the art world, Chris competed in the Northern Ireland segment of Sky Landscape Artist, one of the UK's most prestigious painting competitions in 2022.

Art Philosophy

At the heart of Chris's art philosophy lies the essence of colourful self-expression, a concept reflected in the lively interplay between hues and shapes that define his professional work. Chris adds his distinct artistic touch to our paint and sip events as he guides others on their own colourful journey of self-expression.

Artist Statement

Chris's captivating paintings and digital works take audiences on an extraordinary visual journey. His work transcends the boundaries of ordinary, capturing the essence of our world in a contemporary cubism style that reflects his unique perception of colours and shapes in everyday life. Influenced by modern and postmodern visual art, Chris draws inspiration from seemingly mundane moments and transforms them into profound and visually compelling compositions. Delving into historical locations, archive documents, and artifacts, Chris unearths hidden tensions and connections between the past and present, infusing his work with a timeless allure. His approach challenges viewers to see beyond the ordinary, while his passion for history and architecture adds an element of rediscovery to his creations. In this way, Chris's art becomes a bridge that connects us to our surroundings, history, and ourselves.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) – Aberystwtyth

  • Master of Arts (Art Gallery & Museum Studies) - Leeds

  • Postgraduate study in Media Production – Aberystwyth

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