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Meet the Artists - Caroline Penny

Caroline Penny

Artist + Educator || Contemporary Impressionist || Oils || Paint Your Pet Expert

“Painting is like a visual game using vibrant brushstrokes and colours to play with perception, revealing hidden dimensions in the everyday.


Caroline Penny is a Brisbane based contemporary impressionist Oil painter whose style captures the interplay of light and colour that graces the surroundings of Brisbane. Hailing from the UK, Caroline's journey in art has been marked by a continuous evolution, from managing galleries and working as an Art Consultant in London to becoming an accomplished exhibitor with over 14 solo exhibitions and numerous group shows across the UK, USA, and Australia. Living and working from her Bulimba Studio, Caroline's art resonates with the joy of capturing life's everyday moments.


Caroline joined the Rosé Soirée team early in 2022, drawn by her passion for art and the opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts. Her contributions to the Rosé Soirée community have included captivating "paint your pet" sessions and enlightening "Oil workshops," adding to the diverse artistic offerings of the space. Caroline's accolades include being a 13-time finalist at The Tattersall’s Club Art Prize, a 4-time finalist at the Rotary Arts Spectacular, and recognition at the RNA Ekka with Highly Commended and 3rd Prize in the Open Class. Her artwork has graced prestigious galleries such as The Redhill Gallery in Brisbane and The Moulton Galleries in Sydney, as well as esteemed exhibitions like the Royal Society of British Artists and Marine Artists in the Mall Galleries, London. Her works have garnered attention and appreciation both near and far, and have found homes in private collections globally, including notable figures like Stan Lee (Marvel Comics) and The Hon. George Brandis.

Art Philosophy

With each brushstroke, Caroline shares her passion for capturing the vivid beauty of life's fleeting moments, inspiring viewers and fellow creatives, beginner and seasoned alike, to appreciate the nuances of colour, light, and life itself. With a nurturing spirit, Caroline encourages others to embrace the act of creation as a personal journey of discovery, allowing intuition to blend with technique, and emotion to harmonise with skill. Through her studio interactions, Caroline offers not just technical guidance but a gentle reminder that art is a reflection of one's unique perspective, an exploration of the self, and a celebration of the beauty found in life's evanescent moments.

Artist Statement

Known for her vibrant canvases and lively brushwork, Caroline paints with a deep appreciation for Queensland's crisp light and picturesque landscapes and seascapes. Her enthralling exploration of colour's interplay and the joyful dance of her brushstrokes takes observers on a visual voyage, unveiling dimensions that "play with our eyes," revealing layers of depth and vivacity within her compositions. With a discerning eye for how light and colour metamorphose subjects, she beckons viewers to delve beyond the superficial, to uncover concealed intricacies beneath.


  • Bachelor of Fine Art, Hons. (Bristol)

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