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Meet the Artists - Renee Tongia-Royle

Renée Tongia-Royle

Artist + Educator || Abstract Expressionism || Collage + MIxed Media || Photography

“There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving and that’s your own self.”

- Aldous Huxley


Born in Brisbane and raised in the Bulimba community, Renée feels a strong sense of belonging and a deep connection to the Yuggera Country of Tugulawa. Further shaped by a vibrant mosaic of life experiences and her rich Tongan heritage, Renée’s life journey includes soul-enriching travels through Australia and beyond, immersing herself in the beauty of diverse cultures, seeking personal growth through self-inquiry and lifelong learning, and fostering an appreciation for life's multitude of perspectives through authentic connection with others. Embracing her roles as a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, Renée cherishes the bonds of family and friendship that infuse her world with love and connection. Guided by the unwavering support of her soulmate (and high school sweetheart), she fearlessly pursues her artistic dreams, weaving her energy and passion into every step of her artistic odyssey.


As lifelong artist, tinker and dabbler with nearly 20 years of teaching experience across a wide range of educational contexts, Renée brings with her a passion for visual art, an innate ability to connect with children, and a deep understanding of how meaningful engagement in the creative process can be highly beneficial for the growth and development of children. You can often find Renée working in Rosé Soirée’s Krafty Kids program throughout the school term or hosting special kids painting birthday parties on weekends.

Art Philosophy

At the heart of Renée’s artistic philosophy lies the belief that we are all inherently creative beings. She firmly believes the creative process is a universal gift that offers immense benefits to each and every individual - a place where you can simultaneously lose yourself and find yourself, over and over. To submit yourself to creative expression, is to open yourself powerful opportunities for growth, healing and joy!

Artist Statement

Renée’s work is from her soul, inspired by life itself – a limitless well of inspiration. Her work draws from her own lived experiences, often reflecting her thoughts about life and her hopes and dreams for humanity. She possesses an endless intrigue at the unfolding of possibilities and is fuelled by a curiosity that propels her to explore further and wonder deeper. Such dispositions are the perfect playground for intuitive and experimental abstract expressionism, where there’s plenty of room to welcome, embrace and respond to ‘happy accidents’, spontaneous revelations and exciting surprises.

Renée’s art has been described as a beautiful fusion of her eclectic interests and inspirations, weaving together a love for weathered and worn surfaces, a passion for music, exploration or her culture, the essence of nostalgia, and the allure of things mellowed by time. With ephemeral elements hidden beneath clashing patterns and spontaneous marks, unexpected colour combinations and a heavy emphasis on texture, her work mirrors the vibrancy, unpredictability and depth of the human experience we call life.


  • Bachelor of Education (Primary)

  • Graduate Certificate in Autism Studies

  • Holistic Creative Arts Therapy Practitioner

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