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Enjoy Father’s Day the Fun Way

Can you believe Father’s Day is just around the corner? It's the day we celebrate the main man in our life, our father. But when it comes to the special day, each year can be a bit of a snooze fest. Every year we do the same thing; brunch at home with family or lunch in Southbank. But when it comes to celebrating mum on Mother’s Day, it seems like mums have all the fun.

Well, all of that is about to change.

Father’s Day should be celebrated the right way, the Rosé Soirée way, and a paint and sip event might be one of the best ways to do it. Who said a Paint and Sip event is just for the mums? Dads can have just as much fun, and if you live in Brisbane, a Paint and Sip event might be one of the best Father’s Day ideas by far.

Unleash your Dads Creativity

If your dad loves a good laugh, loosening up a little with some drinks and has a bit of creative flair, a paint and sip event might be the best way to spend Father's Day in Brisbane. Enjoy drinks, laughs, fun, family and painting – what could be better than that! It certainly won’t be another snooze fest that’s for sure. And why not invite some of his mates, and make an event for all the dads?

Create long-lasting memories this Father’s Day

Now, your dad might not be the next Vincent van Gogh (and the only thing he has painted is your families front yard fence), but that doesn’t matter. A Paint and Sip event isn't like a high school art class. It's a place to have fun with your friends and family while creating unforgettable memories.

So, if you want to mix things up this Father's Day, the Rosé Soirée way, why not host a Paint and Sip event. Contact us today.

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